What we do

Membership of BihariConnect is free of charge and open to all. We aim to maintain our website as a resource and focal point to connect people of Bihari origin who are living or working overseas, and to promote Bihar and its language and culture.

  • We plan to organise cultural and spiritual events that reflect the diversity of people of Bihari origin, and aim to benefit all.
  • Members will receive help and support to discover their ancestral heritage in Bihar.
  • Members will receive help and support to plan and implement visits to Bihar. 
  • Members will be able to access internet and skype facilities in Bihar.  Similar facilities in the Gulf region will mean that NRI Bihari’s working in the Gulf region will be able to maintain face to face contact with their families whilst working overseas.
  • We want to support people of people of Bihari origin to be empowered and achieve fundamental human rights and receive justice.